Research Experience

  • MICV Lab @ Yonsei University

    Advisor: Prof. Seong Jae Hwang (Dept. of AI)
    Computer Vision, Image Processing

    • Period : Mar. 2023 ~ Present
    • Tag : Computer Vision

  • Computer Vision Lab @ Korea University

    Undergraduate Research Member
    Advisor: Prof. Sangpil Kim (Dept. of AI)
    Event Based 3D Computer Vision, Multi-modal Data Fusion

Academic Service

  • Conference Reviewer

    • IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) 2023

Teaching Experience

  • LG CNS

    Teaching Assistant
    Anomaly Detection Course for LG CNS Executives and Employees

    • Period : Jul. 2022 ~ Aug. 2021
    • Tag : Anomaly Detection, Time Series Data, Computer Vision, Pytorch